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Hello Arizona, I wanted to tell you about Stoney Built, I’m very excited about it!

I have been managing my own rental properties for decades. That evolved into managing my family’s rentals, then friends. I am the contractor and broker for “Stoney Built LLC” and am enjoying managing everyone’s residential properties.

In my years as a builder and a real estate investor, the value of rental properties has proven to be a great investment. I understand rentals inherently have a fear attached to them because but once a home is seen as “temporary” people stop loving it and taking care of it.

Let us provide you the information you need to make those fears go away. Our property management and maintenance services ensure that your investment properties will be cared for, kept up and the income will be collected and deposited in your bank on a monthly basis.

If you’re tired of trying to manage and maintain your real estate investments on your own, Stoney Built is here to take that stress away.

I’m asking if you or anyone you know is looking to have their residential properties managed and can pass on my information so I can earn their business and serve their needs.