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Turning it around for the New Year


2020 was a pretty bad long-term renter, but the damage isn’t too extensive and we’ll clean it up to start 2021 off right!

I was thinking about our transition from 2020 into 2021, and things might have gotten a little shakey there, it was a rough year for a lot of people, but it’s finally over! Fortunately, looking back on 2020, it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, the damage wasn’t so extensive as to be irreparable, to our families, the economy, our happiness in general… much like this home.

This is the first property turn we’re starting for the new year, and though there is some damage, it really looks worse than it is. I want to take you through it.

This tenant has been in this property for 4 years. As you can see here, we just need to replace the carpet and the paint… we defiantly need to repaint the unit.

When you look in the bathroom, there are a few things to point out. There are some cracks in the bathtub, there’s even a hole in the side of the tub! I’m surprised that didn’t leak. If you rent properties out, make sure your tenants know to report that kind of information in early, because that’s something that can, and needs to be fixed.

All in all, for a tenant that’s lived here for 4 years, there are a few minor things, but it’s a nice unit.

  • We’ll get it repainted
  • We’ll replace the carpet
  • We’ll fix the other flooring
  • We’ll fix the broken “T” moldings that need to be fixed
  • We’ll fix the bathtub
  • We’ll replace the doors in front of the washer and dryer

This will be a great little home to start 2021 off in!