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This beautiful home, backed up to the “Western Skies” golf course, needed a little love before it could be ready to sell.

Here’s what we were able to do in just 3 days!

Hello, My name is Stoney and I received a call from an agent saying “Help us sell this house!”

So, what we have here in the living room are what I call deal-breakers. These are things inside of a home that need to be done for someone to move in and if they’re not done when you’re trying to sell your home, people are just going to walk in and walk out because they don’t want to deal with it.

Here in the living room, you’ll notice that we have this carpet that just needs to be replaced. There were obviously pets here at one point and it’s frayed up and it needs to be replaced.

Inside the master bedroom, because this house has been here for almost 30 years, there are some areas here where the drywall has compressed and popped out a little bit and needs to be repaired.

Then here in the master bathroom, one faucet doesn’t work and the other shoots water out to the side! You’de have a difficult time rinsing off your toothbrush with that one.

In the closet there a some little things. There were some repairs done years and years ago, that need to be cleaned up. There are some drywall holes that need to be patched too.

Next, the carpet on the stairs was replaced 16 or 17 years ago and now it definatly needs to be replaced. If you’re trying to sell a home and a buyer comes in and sees distressed carpeting like this on the stairs, they think “we have to change this carpet before we ever move in.’ And if they think that, then they’re eliminating your home off of their list to begin with.

Here’s the carpet in the loft. This carpet is not in a condition that you can live with. It would have to be replaced, whether we did it or someone else did it, in order for a buyer to move in.

Finally, in the laundry room there are some plumbing repairs here, where the valve on the cold water side broke and it was capped off instead of being fixed. We need to do this right  so that the new homeowners can enjoy their new home.

To follow up on this story, just 3 days later, all of the repairs have been taken care of.

  • The carpet is done in this property. It looks fantastic!
  • The Stairs are done
  • The house has been cleaned
  • We repaired the patio lid
    • Fixed
    • Drywall repaired
    • Painted
    • It looks awesome!

In the master our drywallers did an excelent job with the compressed drywall, you can’t even tell that there was ever a problem or a repair. The paint matches perfectly, too.

Here in the master bathroom we’ve replaced the faucets on both sinks. They’re updated, elegent and work correctly. No more deal breakers.

In the closet we”

  • Cleaned up the previous repairs
  • Patched the holes in the drywall
  • Re-textured the drywall
  • Primed and painted the closet
    • Now it looks fantiastic!

The stairs look great, with new padding and carpet. The same can be said for the loft.

The laundryroom is Done! Our team repaired the pipe installed new hot and cold water valves and patched and repainted the drywall.

This house is schedueled to go on the market today and now that the repairs have been resolved, I wouldn’t be surprised if it went under contract this weekend.

If there is a property that needs this kind of help to get it ready for the market, Click Here to Contact Us and we’ll get started on it ASAP.