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Rebuilding After the Flood on May St.

We’re a week into this new project. We’ve been able to help the realtor get this off of their client’s plate and now we’ve torn out the damaged materials and we’ve started rebuilding after the flood on May St.

We are at our project here on week 2 and I want to show you what we’ve accomplished so far in a week because it’s been fantastic! All of the floors have been taken out and demoed, the vanities have been taken out and the kitchen’s out. We already have the new kitchen in place, we went with a grey style cabinet, which looks fantastic, with brushed nickel handles and knobs.

The flooring material has just been delivered and we’re going to get that installed this week, which is going to be fantastic.

We’re going to light this place up! We’re going to put more can-lights in the kitchen, more can lights in the living room, etc. All of that and the paint is scheduled to go in next week, so check back next week to see how things are going.

Things are coming along famously and I’m excited! I’ll talk to you again soon.