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How to Prevent the Fallout of Procrastinating


Today we’re talking about how to prevent the fallout of procrastinating. Procrastination is the art of pushing yourself slowly out of productivity and eventually out of a job, Here are some things that can help you overcome it. Let’s get started!

I went on vacation, took a day off and came back to a wealth of stuff I needed to do. Let me tell you some fantastic advice I got on procrastination.

So, I got back, from out of town, I had a wonderful time at the Grand Canyon, and just had a massive pile of stuff that needed to get done. And, I was able to remember some advice someone gave me a while back. That advice was:

“When you have a mountain of tasks ahead of you, and you are completely overwhelmed on getting it all done, focus on one thing at a time.”

So, what I want to do is give you my advice on how to handle overwhelming mountains of tasks to do.

  1. Write down all of the tasks that need to get done
  2. Prioritize the list by importance
  3. Ignore everything on the list after the second task
  4. Focus on the first task until it’s done
  5. Focus on the second task until it’s done
  6. Understand that not everything can or will get done

Don’t think about or stress over the fact that certain things are not going to get done in a certain time frame. Get your list, get it prioritized and knock them out.

Now here we are on Monday and I’ve got all of my stuff done!

Talk to you soon.