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When you need to sell a home quickly, here’s how we can help.

If your clients need to sell their home quickly but their property isn’t move-in ready, here’s what we can do to help.

My name is Stoney and I have another cool story to share with you.

We’re in a house where the sellers were in a position where they had to sell quickly. They had to sell extremely quickly!

We got a phone call from the agent and the agent said:

“Hey, here’s where we’re at. We’ve got to get out of here. The house needs to be painted, the flooring needs to be replaced, we need to get some stuff cleaned up, we’ve got some drywall repairs, there are some plumbing repairs. We’ve got some items that need to be fixed. We’re really trying to get this house on the market, hopefully, next week. But we’ll be satisfied with 2 weeks.”

I want to share with you the amazing thing that happened when everything came together.

So, that meeting with the agent happened on a Friday. That Friday afternoon we were able to get the flooring, the drywaller, the painter, and handyman over here and we were able to get everyone, including cleaners lined up for the next week to be able to help this family out, to get their house sold. Because really, their chances of selling the property with the flooring in their flooring in the condition it was in, the house desperately needed to be painted to even compete with market value and the story has an incredibly happy ending.

That following week, even though we had some storms that had to navigate and get through, everybody showed up, we were able to get it done. I mean it was down to the wire! I mean, the photographers were here taking pictures as the flooring contractors were cleaning up and walking out the front door.

But, we were able to get this house on the market, we were able to get the repairs done, it looks fantastic now. And, this house sold THE NEXT DAY, as is, no repairs, full market value!

It is just such a victory for the sellers, it was such a victory for the agent. Everyone came together for a good cause. It was a fantastic week, it was a fantastic story and I just wanted to share with you the power of a bunch of people coming together for a good cause, because the reason that this family had to sell this house was genuinely something out of their control. We got it sold. Everyone did what they needed to do in a timely manner and it was fantastic!

So, congratulations, homeowner, on getting your home sold, this is a beautiful house.

If there is a property that needs this kind of help to get it ready for the market, Click Here to Contact Us and we’ll get started on it ASAP.