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Interior paint and new flooring can make a big difference in your satisfaction

Your clients want to get the most out of their homes when they sell and in this market, that’s easier than ever… with a little bit of work.

It’s amazing what we can get used to over the years spent in a home. The biggest problem clients run into are actually the small details, things like:

This beautiful 4 bedroom home on Obispo, in Mesa, had a lot going for it, but in order to reach its potential, it needed a little bit of work. Fortunately for homeowners, these basic repairs are very easy to accomplish and are an inexpensive way to increase the appeal and the bottom line of a property.

Over the course of a week, our drywall, paint, and flooring teams were able to go in and make this classic brick home look brand new, erasing decades of wear and tear!

First, we patched and re-surfaced the drywall, anywhere that there was a dent, a hole, a scratch, or even a nail hole where a picture used to hang.

Then our painters went over every room, painting them from the top down. We paid special attention to the cutting in the corners and baseboards, where mistakes are the most noticeable.

Finally, our flooring installers ripped out the old carpet and pad in the living room and every bedroom, replacing them with premium padding and carpet that will last year after year without showing its age, while maintaining a plush comfortable feel.

We’re happy to say that the customer appreciated our work. The home was listed as soon as our work was finished and sold in under a week!

If you have a client who’s property looks a little bit dated or even just ‘lived-in’, give us a call today to get a FREE Quote.