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Kitchen Remodel with New Granite Countertops & Tile Backsplash on 63rd Place

Stoney Built can help you make your client’s home more attractive, inviting and functional quickly so that the home can sell or rent for more money.

Before you list your homeowner’s home or bring in a new renter, talk to them about the financial benefits of upgrading their kitchens with granite countertops and tile backsplashes.

in this house on 63rd Place, the homeowner wasn’t planning to move or even rent out their home, they just wanted to make their kitchen more appealing to them and to increase their property value in case they decide to sell in the future.

Adding granite countertops to a kitchen is a great way to make your home stand out, but waiting until it’s time to sell your home is a little sad. If a family is going to spend thousands of dollars making their home look and feel amazing just before they walk away from it they never have the chance to enjoy it! This is not the case for the homeowners here. By customizing their home, one project at a time, this family will be able to enjoy their new kitchen, then bathrooms, new flooring and paint (as they choose) for years before they ever decide to sell or rent out their current home.

Do you have a client who is planning on playing a long game? If they are looking to improve their home over time as part of their 3-5 year plan, they can make:

If you are ready to help your friends, contacts and clients make their homes more beautiful and valuable, so that they can enjoy their home now and prepare for an eventual sale, we’re here for you.

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