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Being in charge doesn’t mean always having the last word.


For the last 2 Mondays, we’ve been going over things managers can do to promote a happier work environment. We’ve covered micromanagement and aggressive or rude behavior, today we’re talking about having the final word.

So we’re finally ready to talk about the 3rd thing I’ve seen managers do that I’d like to improve upon… The idea that you’ve got the final say so. Inherently, being a manager or a leader, the impression that comes with it is that ‘I’m the boss, I have to make the decisions’. I want you to get away from that mentality a little bit.

Be open to the idea of letting your team come up with the ideas. Empower your team to come up with solutions to problems. You may have the final say, on paper, but the fact of the matter is that you have 1 brain, and your team has many brains. There are going to be ideas that come up that will improve your systems and your workflow that you will need to be open to. Listen. Listen to the ideas that they come up with. Don’t get stuck in the mindset that says ‘I’m the boss, what I say goes.’

There will be situations where you will need to be the final decision, and you are put in that place because you have the ability to make decisions. I just don’t want you to lose sight of the incredible power that comes from empowering your team to come up with decisions.

Talk to them about the challenges that the team is facing and invite them to suggest solutions to the problems. It will:

  1. Take a lot of the pressure off of your shoulders
  2. It will empower your team and they will enjoy their work, knowing that they are able to make a difference.

Letting your team take part in the environment and the culture of the company will make for a much healthier environment for everyone.

So, this week, don’t be the person that has to have the final say.

Talk to you again soon.