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How are you doing today?


When is the most important time to be honest? Always. If the first thing you say when you speak to someone is the truth, the rest of the conversation has a chance to make a positive impact.

So sitting here enjoying the view of this golf course while we’re getting some work done on the inside of this house, I received a compliment. The compliment was, talking with a friend of mine, “Every time I ask you how you’re doing you always tell me the truth.” I thought about that for a second and asked, “what do you mean”? He said, “well typically when you say ‘Hey how are you doing’? the response is ‘fine, how are you doing’. “ Yet every time I get asked that question my response is something like,¬†“Well, I struggled a bit this morning, but I’ve made a conscious choice to push through those storms and we’re going to have a good day today and move forward!”

Typically, when I say that it invokes a response like¬†“Is there anything I can help you with?” It creates a bond of truth because you’re not starting a conversation with a lie.

Now, my opinion on leading with the truth is the best possible response. But, be aware that people, in general, don’t want to absorb your problems, your stresses, or the additional weight of the world, that you are baring at that moment, on their shoulders.

So be conscious of their feelings toward your response and say things that will uplift you both, like, “Actually, it’s a great morning, I woke up, I’m still alive and I have nothing to complain about!” You can even say you’re having a rotten day if you can say it with a smile because you’ve made the choice to stay optimistic in adversity and conduct yourself in a manner that shows your willingness to push forward and stay positive. It works because happiness is a choice that you’ve made.

You have the right to be happy, but happiness is a choice. So in my opinion, tell the truth and if you’re having a bad day, say that you’re having a bad day but keep positivity behind it and you will create relationships and bonds with people that are deeper and more fulfilling than you could if you’de just said “fine.”

Tell the truth.

Talk to you soon!