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Keeping the Dust Down


I’m going to make the most ridiculous comparison today… it’s going to be a stretch.

We’re out here working in the backyard, and we’re almost finished with the patio. And, I was looking at this broken hose in the yard that has been deliberately left on… So let me tell you about this stream of water spraying into the dirt.

So this broken water hose and all it does is just shoot water into the air, and I started thinking to myself… ‘you know, the reason that they turned that broken hose on is to keep the dust down.’ In the ridiculous comparison I’m going to make, dust, to me, is drama. Dust, to me, is negative people / negative influences. Dust, to me, is all of the things that irritate you and cloud your mind and judgment, etc.

So, in that sense, this little stream of water, shooting up from a broken hose represents my friends, who I appreciate not stirring up a bunch of drama, as well as my coworkers and others that I get to share this journey with… Especially at this time of year, around the holidays, thank you for not ‘stirring up dust’ and being that constant stream of water that allows me to not have to worry about getting grit in my teeth, dust in my eyes, or looking like I’d rolled in the dirt, (figuratively speaking).

As I said, I know it’s a stretch. But I’ve been thinking about it while we are working here in the back yard and I really want to say thank you this Holiday season that I am surrounded by a bunch of people who don’t stir up dust and all of them are a constant flow of positive energy, momentum, and drive; I’m super grateful for that!

Thanks again for keeping the dust down, and I’ll talk to you next Monday.