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1,350 Pounds of Natural Quartzite and a Dream

If your client is looking for a unique and beautiful kitchen, Stoney Built is here to help!

This custom kitchen, complete with hardwood cupboards and flooring, a stone backsplash and quartz countertops wasn’t quite finished until we installed this 1,350-pound natural quartzite countertop on the island! Perfect for extra help in the kitchen, extra seating or just chatting over, this massive focal point ties the whole room together.

The home you live in and your dream home might not be that far apart.

This beautiful home in Chandler had some great living spaces and a beautiful yard but the kitchen just didn’t fit the owner’s needs. They needed an open-concept kitchen with a lot more working space for food prep, extra seating and entertaining and the solution we helped them come up with was this amazing kitchen with its massive island.

Our customer’s wishlist included:

  1. Wood-look Vinyl Flooring
  2. Custom Wood Cabinets and Cupboards
  3. Premium Gas Range with Hood Vent
  4. Custom Stone Backsplash
  5. Quartz Countertops
  6. Natural Quartzite Slab Island Countertop

The focal point for the new kitchen is the 11 foot wide & 5 1/2 foot deep Island. This single piece solid quartzite countertop alone weighs 1,350 pounds and took 6 men to install! It was well worth the effort and time because the results were beautiful!

If you’ve got a home that could benefit from stone countertops in the kitchen or bathrooms, Stoney Built can create and install your granite countertops, quartz (& quartzite) countertops, and marble countertops.

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