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Gratitude and how to earn it


I am so grateful for the people I get to work with, especially when they go the extra mile to make my life easier.

Every now and then, some of our trades go above and beyond and there’s nothing more satisfying than walking a property or a construction site and seeing that everything is as it should be.

  • The materials have been delivered on time
  • The countertops were done
  • etc.

In this particular property, I noticed that my granite fabricators went above and beyond and lowered and leveled the countertop where a pony wall was. My baseboard was replaced by my flooring contractor when the baseboard wasn’t part of his scope of work.

When I walked into this property today there were so many things that I noticed were above and beyond! The materials were here on time, in the right spot. Little repairs were taken care of without me having to mention them to anyone.

Thank you, to my guys, I love you!

If you can, when you notice that someone does something well this week, tell them thank you and say you’re grateful for them, “I appreciate the fact that you did ______, without being asked –or- because you saw it needed to be done.”

Thank you again and I’ll talk to you soon!