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Cultivate Your Team’s Culture with this Gratitude Challenge


Today we’re focusing on cultivating gratitude. This gratitude challenge should help you increase your positivity and endear yourself to your team and clients as a positive influence on their day. Let’s get into it!

So, what the ‘Gratitude Challenge’ is, one time a day (if you end your workday at 5:00pm, then maybe at 4:45pm) write down one thing that you’re grateful for that day.

‘I’m grateful that someone had already made coffee when I got to the office this morning.’ 

‘I’m grateful for the fact that my car started.’

‘I’m grateful for the fact that traffic wasn’t bad.’

Whatever it is, just write down one thing. If you do this for just two weeks, JUST 2 WEEKS of writing down what your grateful for, you’re going to notice a drastic change in your life.

  • You’re going to notice that you gossip less.
  • You’re going to notice that you focus on the negative less.
  • You’re going to start to be empowered and encouraged by all of the great things that counteract everything you’re dealing with in the world.

So, one time a day, write down one thing you’re happy for. Do it for just two weeks and after two weeks, start reading the things you’ve written down. When you do, I promise you that you’re going to notice a significant change.

Shoot me a message about how this has worked for you, I’d love to hear about it from you.

Talk to you again soon!