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Your rental properties are big investments and as long as there are tenants living in them, your investments are producing. However, the biggest threat to your investment’s earning potential is your tenants.

Regular wear and tear can take an effect on any home, and a proud homeowner will take precautions to ensure that small damages don’t turn into large problems, and a little clutter doesn’t turn into a hoarder’s nest. Renters don’t really have that same incentive to be proactively preventing clutter and damage, because they are only temporary residents and in the long run, it’s “not their problem”.

This home, in particular, had a great long term tenant, which meant that the owners always got their checks on time and had few repair calls from the renter. The owner just assumed that no news was good news… until the renter decided to move out and the owner walked through the property for the first time in a few years.

How devastating! From the front, the yard, the home looks great, but the back yard is buried 3ft deep in junk and trash! It looks like everything the previous tenant has ever owned was piled in the back yard as it became useless to the owner. 

  • Old clothes
  • Broken organ keyboard
  • Power tools
  • Bags of trash
  • Dead plants
  • … & So much more

In order to get this property ready to rent again, the owner needed to:

  1. Remove the trash inside and outside
  2. Make repairs
  3. Clean interior carpet and tiles
  4. Paint interior
  5. Power Wash exterior bricks and patio

This kind of work, on the owner’s shoulders, can stretch from days to years, and all of that time is costing them money instead of making them money! It can be overwhelming for homeowners and this one made the best possible call, they called us and signed up with Stoney Built. 

In Just 3 days we had their property cleaned up and renter ready! Even better than that, we offer ongoing services to ensure that the home stays clean and well maintained inside and out. With Stoney Built, this property will not just hold its value but will increase in value as the years go on.

If you have a rental property, let us help you get it to its highest valuation and keep it there.

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