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My 2021 New Years Resolution


My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions will be focused on harmony!

Originally when I was thinking of this year’s resolutions, I thought I would be focusing on balance.

A work/life balance.

Being a dad. Being a husband. Being a servant to the public and everyone that I work for… balanced. But pretty quickly I realized that ‘balance’ was the wrong word.

So, as a business owner, when you are engaged in what you do all of the time, there is no balance. Balance doesn’t exist. Balance means that you are giving something up on one side to gain something on the other side, and in my life, that can’t exist. I have to have harmony.

Harmony is identifying areas in my life that I’m going to work on, to where my work life (answering my phone, emails and walking job sites) blends with my personal life (taking my kids to school, attending their activities and being an engaged father and blends with being an engaged husband, loving my wife and being a leader and mentor to those who look to me and being a student to those who teach me).  I need to have all of that blend together in harmony because I can’t give or take from any of those categories.

So this your I will not be focusing on balance, because unfortunately, I work from usually around 4 am until 6 pm, some days I can relax around 4:30, I never know what the public will demand of me. But to be able to create harmony to where I can still be engaged and take care of what I need to do and still be there for my kids, my wife and my family. I need to be able to set expectations so that my family knows that there are certain times and days that I will be there for them.

So, going forward in 2021, we will be talking about harmony and how to integrate your work, personal, love life and friends all working together.

So 202o was all about emotional intelligence and 2021 will be about harmony; I’ll keep you up to date on how it goes!